Guitars, Remedies, and Looking Forward

So my dad ended up buying a guitar for me as an early birthday present, and I’ve started the long, arduous process of teaching myself to play.  I’m glad I have the basics of reading music and having general knowledge of chords, scales, etc. under my belt.  It means that all I really have to build is the muscle memory and callouses for playing a stringed instrument.  My goal is to be infinitely better at practicing on a daily basis than I was in grade school where I let youth and natural talent coast me through my musical success.  I will say it’s nice to have a musical hobby again.

In relation to the “Remedies” post:  My husband picked out a beautiful necklace and earring set at the aforementioned store.  I realize that we probably way overpaid for the diamonds I got, but I must admit that there is definitely something about those little teal boxes (they’re NOT blue).  Half the fun of getting the jewelry was walking through the Las Vegas casinos and people watching the women casting furtive glances at me and my husband afterwards 🙂

So now…my main focus for the next two weeks is getting my ass in shape for the half-marathon we’ve signed up for.  And the trip getting up to Ohio for it.  To be honest, the weekend will be in-line with all our other crazy adventures of trying to cram as much as humanly possible into one weekend:  Flight up with two toddlers, Race registration/shopping, visiting with family, running 13.1 miles, jetting over to see our Alma Mater kick some football butt, baby shower and meeting up with as many friends as possible, and a flight back…

Should be fun. 🙂


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