Career Thoughts

One of the upsides to finding a new job is that I will never have to deal with one particular asshole or his shoddy, lazy work ever again.  I understand there will be other assholes and other people who have shitty work ethics and lazy work products, but hopefully never again in such a misogynistic combination of smug awfulness that is the person I am talking about.

The worst part of job hunting is the waiting.  Waiting on announcements to close.  Waiting on updates.  I try not to think or worry about my resume, how it stacks up against others, the small typo I found today that is appearing in most of my submitted resumes, whether or not my documentation is squared away.  You can completely get lost and go mad down that rabbit hole.

I think the biggest thing of which I need to remind myself is that even if I drop out of the rat race entirely, life will go on, we will still be financially solvent, and everything will be fine, and everything will likely change within the next year, anyway, so I just need to go with the flow, let things play out how they will and make the best decisions I can with the information and time I have.

At least I don’t have nearly a half-dozen business trips to work around moving to a new state within three months this year.  That was about seven times more stressful than this.  I should remember that.


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