Close to Home

So yesterday’s big news event hit pretty close to home for me, even though I’m almost 1,000 miles away from the actual incident.  My boss (one of them, at least) was in the building, and for a while, the status of many of my co-workers was unknown.  I’ve since discovered that those I know are all fine, but this incident affected me more directly than any other massacre event in the past. 

It is so crazy to me that we’ve had so many of these incidents.  I will never understand what possesses a human being to lash out and kill others in a fit of rage – as if that solves anything. 

There are still a thousand unanswered questions as to why he did it, and most of them will probably remain forever unanswered.  I can’t claim to know what the right solution is to all the recent gun violence in America lately, but I know that whatever it is, it isn’t simple and would require a massive cultural shift that probably won’t happen in my lifetime.

All I can do and will continue to do is pray for the health, safety and physical and psychological well-being of my fellow human beings – most especially those directly affected by this senseless tragedy.  May God comfort us and protect us from harm and may we strive to not harm others and teach our children the principles of compassion rather than hate and blame.


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