So, every time my husband goes away for the reasons he goes away – especially for the extended periods, I feel it useful to take on a project – something I can work on to pass the time and make something (maybe) useful.

For the first one, I had fewer responsibilities and divided a canvas into squares to doodle in – one for each day he was gone.  I wasn’t able to quite get a square a day – I missed a month or two at a time at points – but I did cover the whole canvas by the time he came back home.  It’s not much to look at as a whole, and is full of all sorts of nonsense, amateur art, but I did manage to do a passing copy of Van Gogh’s Starry Night at the bottom of the frame during a portion where I missed about a month or two of squares, and we still have it to hang in some obscure part of our house (the laundry room right now).  So it’s a creation of sorts to commemorate the absence.

I’m seriously considering writing a book or a novella of some sort for the coming stretch(es).  I’d like to set a reasonable goal – maybe 100 words a day.  I’ve been seriously considering NANOWRIMO for a few years, but November for me is a sucky month to focus on anything other than birthdays and Thanksgiving, and the 1,000-words-a-day goal has always seemed too intense for me – too far of a stretch given everything else that’s always going on in my life.  So, 100 words is something that is much more do-able and over the time that the hubby is gone, may amount to something over the long run.  At the same time, it wouldn’t be too bad if I miss a few days and have to catch up – I’d have to miss 10 days to get to the NANOWRIMO goal for one day, 30 times in  row.

I’ve had random plot ideas floating through my head for months now.  There’s no real structure, but I’m thinking that if I don’t care, and I let the words flow, there might be something that actually develops out of it.  And if not, I’m not pushing to publish or really have it seen by anyone else if it seems to suck, but it’s something constructive and productive to do with my time.  It’s also something I can edit the ever-living shit out of (I LOVE editing and critique-ing – even myself) And it’s an interest that has been sitting in my head for a few years now – one of those “if I had endless resources and really did something I *wanted* to do with my time, I would maybe write something of value” things.  It will be interesting to see how I keep up with it, but I think I’m going to fly with it.


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