Did I have a Happy Easter?


But I think I may have found at least one moment in the day that brought me happiness on a personal, non-Mom level. 

At the same time, I’d like to say that there is way too much fracking sugar in the holidays. All of them. Each of my children got multiple *bags* of candy that would easily go around a classroom or an office for a few weeks. It’s absolutely ridiculous. I threw away at least three or four bags of the worthless junk and strongly wish to trash the rest. I despise sugar in these quantities. 

To be frank, though, I’ve been fighting disdain and anger and annoyance and hate and other, similar, negative feelings all weekend. I’ve been wearing a mask to cover it all and I only just now took it off. 

Not my best Easter weekend. And now I face the abyss of the first normalcy I’ve seen in my life since October, and even then, it’s a normalcy veiled in loneliness. 

All I really can do is pray. God is the only one I really have to talk to for at least the near future…


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