i had two distinct dreams last night. In the first, I was back in Hawaii and there was a digital rectangle block wall the was projected in the distance whenever there was any seismic disturbance. It went up briefly, but the residents told me that it did that all the time with the erupting island. And then they exploded because there was a huge eruption. The rest of the dream involved my family trying to get through the back streets to the airport through raining ash in some local über or cabbie car. We stopped at a shop at one point because we weren’t getting anywhere and my mom was pointing out good souvenirs to buy. I had lost my purse or wallet at that point, went outside, and witnessed a small commuter plane crashing to the ground through the clouds of ash. Then I noticed another airliner upside down on the ground across the street and I was trying to figure out how to convince my mom that going to the airport was maybe not the best idea and we could just wait it out when I woke up. 

The second dream involved Diana Gabaldon showing up at my house, signing some books for me and sitting down for a leisurely chat about life and Outlander. 

Glad I had that second dream to counter the first. 


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