Email Angst

E-mail drives me a little batty.  It’s all the speed of the modern world and the internet combined with all the waiting for a reply of regular snail mail to me, lately.

I realize that the angst here is self-imposed.  I want e-mail to work at a texting pace, and it just doesn’t.  Also, I feel lately that whenever I send an e-mail, it may be read by the intended recipient, and it may not be read – I’ll never know, and I feel like I’m left hanging out in the wind.

I know that most of my insecurities surrounding replies are ill-founded.  Most people just get caught up in other things, and everyone has competing interests for their time – including me – but I can’t help this sense I get every time I do not immediately hear back from anyone that I’m just being ignored.

And I do not like being ignored when I have to get things done.  I’ve made a point most of my life to be loud (sometimes obnoxiously so) to make sure I am heard when I need to be.  I’m almost positive that is one aspect of my personality that has carried me into the comfortable position I am now in.

I guess, in the end, I just need to be patient.  A friend recently posted/liked an e-card meme that said “I don’t understand why ‘patience’ is a virtue.  Why can’t ‘hurry-the-fuck-up’ be a virtue.”  I guess today, I can totally relate to that.


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