Quiet Nights

So tonight is one of those nights where my husband is working late and won’t be home until after I hit the sack. These nights are very reminiscent of deployment evenings – having to make dinner for everyone, entertain, supervise and put the kids to bed by myself and do all the nightly chores solo…but after all that’s done, I usually have a good hour of solid “me” time and it’s absolutely peaceful and wonderful.

For this tour, nights like these are a rarity, so I’m very much appreciating the silence and peace.

The Disney trip went pretty well, although I know I hit a point almost every day where I became a little too overwhelmed and over-stimulated. At those points, I tended to shut down mentally, get a little short-tempered or really quiet. I got asked “Are you okay?” quite a bit. But it was an awesome trip. I feel incredibly blessed that the military threw us into a parallel path with an awesome family that has become part of our own and that we get along so well with.

That’s about all I have tonight – just appreciation for some silent “me” time and a quick look-back at last week’s vacay. Toodles!


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