Coffee and Classical Music

This morning has me searching the internet for a white unicorn, it seems.  I’m taking on the challenge full-force and I’m getting paid to do it, which is nice, but I get the feeling that this one may take me a while.  And as in most searches, I’ve been getting side-tracked.  However, I’m working through the challenge with the soothing mix of good coffee and calming classical music via Pandora.  It almost feels as if I’m in a coffee shop, only without the noise or presence of other humans.

One thing about working from my home office is the isolation that I get and feel on a daily basis.  Most days, my only company is my ridiculously fluffy, (and sometimes overly cuddly) white cat.  He’s not so much the conversationalist.  When I get frustrated, I rail at the walls.  When I can’t stand the silence, I play music to suit my mood.  When I can’t stand the noise, I work in silence.

The whole situation has a freedom of sorts, but it really is not for everyone.  It’s a LOT of one-on-one time with myself, and I go a little stir crazy nearly every week spending 98% of my time in my house.  I find it to be a moral imperative to escape – even for mundane errands like grocery shopping – on the weekends.  I also find myself getting overwhelmed much more quickly in social situations lately – like I need to get away from being around so many people.

In a week or so, the family and I are traveling to a major theme park with another family to do a week-long vacation of stimulation and fun.  I’m slightly apprehensive about the whole trip, though I’ve yet to admit it out loud to anyone.  I’m curious to see how I do being constantly surrounded by infinitely more humans for a whole week than I have been over the past year.  I guess I’ll just have to seek out and enjoy any quiet time I can find in the chaos.


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