My Project


I am not a hoarder.  I am the first one to purge almost anything when I see the house getting cluttered with it.  I only have one exception to this rule.  It is the one thing I collect, and I have taken it into my head to organize my collection that has been getting more and more expansive every year. 

I keep cards.  All cards.  All thank you notes.  Any note I get from friends and relatives.  I’ve been doing it for YEARS.  My collection spans multiple tubs, and I recently found a Pinterest suggestion on organizing them.  It is time. 

So over the past few days, I’ve been sorting through hundreds and hundreds of cards, placing them in piles by holiday.  It’s been somewhat lucrative in that I’ve already found $15 in hidden/forgotten cash.  I’ve also found some touching notes from parents of old friends and it’s giving me a massive trip down memory lane now that I’m getting to the older stuff.

I’m not quite done yet, and there’s one entire major holiday (my wedding) where all the cards have been placed somewhere separately that I have not yet located, but I am determined to organize the chaos of correspondence collection.  So here’s to eventual success…



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