Mellow Music

I’m listening to my Mellow Music playlist this morning, and I came to a realization.

Growing up, my brother and I listened to my dad’s preferred artists quite a bit.  I believe he was our main musical influence.  But I came to a realization this morning that represents the differences between my brother and me.

Being born five years earlier than I was, my brother got a lot more Harry Chapin than I did.  Today, he LOVES everything Harry Chapin put out.  I listened to Harry too, and fell in love with a few of his songs, but by the time I came around, the artist that I hooked into from my Dad’s music was Paul Simon.  I loved his songs.  Still do.  Both the stuff he did with Garfunkle and his solo work.

And in a way, these differences in musical and lyrical tastes are reflected in the different world views of me and my brother.  He tends to see the world as a darker place.  And looking back retrospectively on Harry Chapin lyrics, my goodness are they dark and depressing.

Paul Simon, on the other hand, had some grungy lyrics, but they’re much more realistic, a little more upbeat, and a little less dark – much like my world view.

Anyway, it makes sense in my head…


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